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EMC Scheme Design

Ny dingana manontolo amin'ny EMC sy ny fanohanana ara-teknika ho an'ny famolavolana mialoha ny fikarohana sy ny fampandrosoana ny vokatra, ary manome endrika fanondro feno sy antontan-taratasy ara-teknika. Manome fanohanana ara-teknika eo an-toerana sy fanamboarana vokatra manokana mba hanampiana ny mpanjifa hanatsara, vahaolana ara-tsiansa sy ara-dalàna.

EMC Test

Izy io dia afaka manandrana ny CE, FCC, 3C ary tetikasa fanamarinana hafa.Ary ny laboratoara koa dia manana fitaovana fitiliana elektronika fiara, afaka manandrana karazana fitaovana eo anoloana fiara. Manolotra serivisy fitiliana mifanaraka amin'ny elektromagnetika izahay, azafady mba manaova fotoana mialoha.

Fanitsiana EMC

Ho an'ny fampitaovana, taratra ary zavatra fitsapana hafa dia mihoatra ny fenitry ny santionany fitsapana mba hametraka soso-kevitra fanatsarana sy fomba lehibe, countermeasures, manampy ny mpanjifa hampihena ny fitsabahan'ny vokatra, mba hahatratrarana ny tanjon'ny fanadinana.

EMC Lab Lease

Ho an'ny fitsapana mialoha mialoha ny mpanjifa ary aorian'ny tsy fahombiazan'ny fitsapana.Ny laboratoara dia azo manofa ho an'ny mpanjifa amin'ny fanamarinana marobe, ny santionany dia azo alefa mivantana, na ny mpanjifa mihitsy no tonga amin'ny fitsapana toerana, azafady mba manaova fotoana mialoha.


Surge devices

Fitaovana fisondrotana

Value Added Services Being your strategic partner, we can provide the following free services a) free one-to-one consulting services to solve all the testing and certification problems encountered in the global market access of your products. b) the authenticity inquiry service of reports and certificates. c) the recommendation of high quality suppliers. We have a database of 50,000 qualified suppliers (manufacturers) in China,

ESD electrostatic discharge fitaovana fitsapana

CE Certification Advantage We can test and prepare, customize the perfect, impeccable and unquestionable test reports in accordance with European LVD, EMC, ROHS, RED, MD Directives and Regulations. The quality and lead time of the testing and certification will surprise you and more than the price we offer.

Nanao fitaovana fitsapana manohitra ny fitsabahana

Local Services: Compared with large institutions such as TUV, SGS and Intertek, our price is only one third of theirs, together with shorter lead time. Free retest service is also available. You need to send samples only one time, all the testing and certification can be completed in our own lab in Shenzhen, China.

Antenna logiciel (30MHz-1GHz)

Conduction test receiver(9KHz-3GHz)

Receiver fitiliana conduction (9KHz-3GHz)

Quality Assurance: If Anbotek has the chance to be designated as your laboratory in China, the test results from our laboratory for your Chinese supplier, whether pass or fail, we will inform you truthfully at the first time to prevent from false reports and non-conformity products.

Spectrometer fitiliana taratra (10Hz-26.5GHz)